A literary analysis of the novel the count of monte cristo

Picaud was placed under a form of house arrest in the Fenestrelle Fortwhere he served as a servant to a rich Italian cleric. When the man died, he left his fortune to Picaud, whom he had begun to treat as a son. Picaud then spent years plotting his revenge on the three men who were responsible for his misfortune.

A literary analysis of the novel the count of monte cristo

The ship sails safely into Marseilles harbor in The pleasant, unassuming young man is unaware that enemies surround him.

Danglars and Fernand, under the guise of a jest, compose a note accusing Edmond of conspiracy. They write that Edmond, in carrying out the last orders of his captain, had unwittingly conveyed a letter to the Bonapartist committee in Paris, which is trying to restore the exiled Napoleon Bonaparte to power.

Caderousse, a drunkard, witnesses the writing of the note, but keeps silent out of cowardice. Napoleon escapes from Elba to reign briefly again, but Edmond lies forgotten in his cell as his psyche undergoes a series of changes: The cannonading at Waterloo dies away.

Then, one night, Edmond hears the sound of digging from an adjoining cell. He breaks a water jug and uses a fragment of the pottery to assist in the excavation. Thereafter the two meet daily, and the old man teaches the uneducated Edmond history, mathematics, languages, and etiquette. Edmond, desperate to escape, changes places with the dead man, whom he drags through the tunnel into his own bed.

Jailers throw the sack into the sea. Edmond rips the cloth and swims through the darkness to an islet in the bay. At daybreak a gang of smugglers rescues him. He lands on the island with the crew of the ship and, feigning injury in a fall, persuades the crew to leave him behind until their return trip from a smuggling rendezvous.

Edmond explores the island and finds the treasure hidden in an underground cavern. He stuffs his pockets with jewels and returns to the mainland to sell some of the precious stones and gain the money necessary to carry out his plans to bring the treasure from Monte-Cristo.

Edmond buys a boat and a title and sets himself up as the fabulously wealthy count of Monte-Cristo, one of many aliases he will hold while putting together an elaborate plot to gain revenge against those who wronged him.

Disguised as a priest, Edmond visits Caderousse to seek information about those who caused his imprisonment.

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Villefort had gained a fortune and risen in legal circles. Danglars is now a wealthy banker and baron. Fernand, formerly a humble fisherman, later a military general, has won wealth and a title in the Greek war and is now count de Morcerf. For this information, Edmond gives Caderousse a valuable diamond.

He is invited into all the best homes and salons. Meanwhile, he slowly plots the ruin of those who caused him to be sent to prison.

Caderousse is first to be destroyed. Soon, Caderousse had committed robbery and murder and had been condemned to the galleys. Now, he escapes with the assistance of Edmond in another guise as a wealthy Englishman, but Caderousse does not use the opportunity to become an honest citizen.

Instead, he attempts to rob Monte-Cristo. An escaping accomplice mortally wounds him. As Caderousse lies dying, Monte-Cristo reveals his true identity. In Paris, Monte-Cristo ingratiates himself with banker Danglars, who loses heavily by following the investing example of the count, and so faces bankruptcy.

The next victim is Fernand, who gained his wealth by betraying Pasha Ali in the Greek revolution of Fernand, with no way to salvage his name, commits suicide. Monte-Cristo has also become an intimate of Madame Villefort and encourages her desire to possess the wealth of her stepdaughter, Valentine.

The count has slyly directed Madame Villefort in the use of poisons, and the depraved woman murders three people. When Valentine, too, is poisoned, Maximilian Morrel, son of the shipping master and in love with Valentine, goes to Monte-Cristo for help. Monte-Cristo vows to save the young girl, but Madame Villefort has marked her for death, and Valentine apparently dies of poisoning.

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Despite this seemingly distressing turn of events, Monte-Cristo promises future happiness to a deeply depressed Maximilian, who is like a son to him.

Disguised as a man, she runs off with her female piano-teacher to seek her fortune. Danglars, facing ruin for misappropriating funds, deserts his wife and flees the country to escape prosecution.

She then poisons herself and her young son, Edward, for whose sake she had poisoned the others. Monte-Cristo reveals his true name to the already unhinged Villefort, who subsequently goes completely insane.The Count of Monte Cristo Essay: Edmond Dantès’s Transformation In , Alexandre Dumas pere created a masterpiece of the world literature – The Count of Monte Cristo.

Although the novel is considered to be an adventure one, the author managed to develop a decent psychological portrait of the main character with an increased focus on the theme of transformation. The Count of Monte Cristo is a classic example of the mid-nineteenth-century European serial adventure novel.

These novels had large casts of characters, complex plots with numerous intertwined subplots, and central dramas involving love, revenge, and shifts in class or identity. Elements of a Story. Literature is a very broad term that encompasses so many various written works.

It can range from a thousand-page novel to a two-line poem, each expressing insight into the. The best study guide to V for Vendetta on the planet, from the creators of SparkNotes.

A literary analysis of the novel the count of monte cristo

Get the summaries, analysis, and quotes you need. And the main theme of the novel The Count of Monte Cristo is Love. And there are two suppoting themes, that are happines and the limit of human justice LoveIn the novel The Count of Monte Cristo thare are story about love, that is story Dantes with Marcedes, and any other peaple love Marcedes too.

So, the Love story in this novel is complek love story. The Count of Monte Cristo is a historical novel, with key plot elements drawn from real historic events. Politics, therefore, play a significant role in the novel, particularly in branding certain characters good .

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