Agrochemicals market business report 2010 r

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Agrochemicals market business report 2010 r

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Last month in New York, we had our biggest and best conference yet. Scroll down for some pictures and video. Sasol disclosed revenue figures for its other chemical arm, Performance Chemicals, with the July March figures down by 3. The fall in revenue was related to selling prices, lower than in the previous corresponding period, which could not offset a rise in volumes for the period — total sales volumes stood at 2.

The start up date has not changed since the project was announced in The rig count data are seen as an important indicator of activity and investment in the oil and gas sector. The rig count also reflects demand for oilfield chemicals, including hydrochloric acid HCIepoxy resins, triethylene glycol TEG and certain types of surfactants.

April EO contract prices were assessed at The increase in EO contracts is based on the settlement in April ethylene contracts. First-quarter sales were R Revenue fell because of the strengthening of the Brazilian real, which offset a rise in sales volumes.

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During the quarter, sales of specialty chemicals reachedtonnes, up fromtonnes from the same time last year. Sales of glycols were 38, tonnes, up from 35, tonnes from Q1 By region, Brazilian sales weretonnes, up fromtonnes in Q1 Oxiteno said sales rose in the oil-and-gas, coatings and automotive-fluids segments.

agrochemicals market business report 2010 r

Sales outside of Brazil reached 56, up from 54, from the same time last year. International sales rose in part because of pre-marketing that Oxiteno is conducting as part of the start-up of its new plant in the US.

Cost of sales was R Costs rose because of higher volumes, raw-material prices and the new US plant. Because costs rose while revenue fell, Q1 gross profit was RSyngenta AG is a global company agribusiness that produces agrochemicals and seeds.

As a biotechnology company, it conducts genomic research. It was formed in by the merger of Novartis Agribusiness and Zeneca Agrochemicals. As of Syngenta is the world’s largest crop chemical producer As of it ranked third in seeds and biotechnology sales.

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Agrochemicals Market analysis offers latest trends, growth factors, top players, value/supply chain, opportunities etc. Download the agrochemicals market report () now.

This BCC Research report presents an in-depth analysis of the global agrochemical market by type and geographic regional markets. It covers the major categories of agrochemicals used for crop protection across the globe.

agrochemicals market business report 2010 r

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We are also actively pursuing the generic drug In the field of agrochemicals, we are.

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