Aircraft maintainence essay

The mission was part of an incentive flight involing the th Air Refeuling Wing and the th Fighter Wing.

Aircraft maintainence essay

It was slapped together to do what needed to be done. It literally leaked jet fuel onto the ground when it wasn't in the air, in order to allow the metal body panels to literally stretch and close gaps in its skin when it was in flight because physics.

The air frame couldn't handle a takeoff with a full fuel tank, so it had to be filled up right after taking off. It was difficult to maintain and eventually developed a "speedy" one-week turn-around time to get it to fly again after a mission, assuming a base Aircraft maintainence essay the specialized tools and support staff to do so.

The SR is an example of how the sheer will to get something done can indeed accomplish great feats, if at great cost and complexity. It's also an example of how innovation is no guarantee of success; since the Blackbird was retired, we still have no airplane as fast as one built in the 's.

A great plane is just what it needs to be. It may not be the most minimal it could be, but it will be the most effective. Another example, the A Warthog, is not "minimal", but it is an amazing plane.

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I think to get the best result based on the desired outcome, you have to pursue craftsmanship and excellence through continuous education, practice, and improvement, and not worry how it looks so much as how well it works.

Complexity is a sin, except when it is necessary. I am presuming you have neither read the history of SR, nor have a good understanding of the trade of engineering. I am ex-Lockeed employee and even though SR was a distant historical project when I was working there, there were internal discussions about the engineering excellence behind the plane's performance.

I worked in stress analysis team where we frequently joked about how we don't need to deal with thermal expansion like in the SR Its mission wasn't to be a commercial aircraft, its mission was to go as high, far and fast as possible - Reconnaissance and to return safely by literally outrunning missiles.

Therefore, refueling and leaking fuel are appropriate trade-offs. But you omit or you are unaware of the ingenuity that went into making the Ramjet engine, material science, hypersonic regime that was completely new and nothing had flown at that speeds before, etc So do top fuel dragsters though obviously the SR was way more difficult to achieve.

What I meant by "not engineering excellence" was in relation to the original post, comparing how to manage production servers with the SR Nobody should regularly operate their servers like an SR or top fuel dragster.

Aircraft maintainence essay

It's great to fly really really fast, but most people should probably not be doing that, because it requires making exceptions like leaking fuel.

You actually want to run your server like a big slow complicated comfortable redundant jumbo jet on autopilot. Hopefully you get my meaning.

I apologize if I made their accomplishments seem minor.Maintenance engineer job description When things break, do you leave it alone hoping it’ll fix itself, or are you searching the house for the nearest screwdriver and hammer? If you’ve got the engineering know-how, you might want to consider a career as a maintenance engineer.

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Different models of maintenance defined as a mixture of different types of maintenance in the proportions necessary for each equipment. by Santiago García Garrido. RENOVETEC Technical Director The landing gear of an aircraft;. The concept of ‘maintenance’ in India is covered both under Section of the Code of Criminal Procedure, (Section ) and the personal laws.

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