An analysis of the marketing strategies to penetrate the market and increase sales

Christina Nelson on July 1, The China market offers opportunities for companies that can navigate its evolving sales and distribution landscape. The State Planning Commission issued production requirements and allocated inventory.

An analysis of the marketing strategies to penetrate the market and increase sales

All the topical analgesics listed above are arnica-based, with few other ingredients.

Chapter 4: The Legal, PoliticalTrade Environment

Arnica Montana is the premier homeopathic medicine for the treatment of shock and trauma to the muscle. These formulas come the closest to Pain Away's because they contain some of the essential homeopathic pain-reducing ingredients.

Pain Away's formula, however, blends more ingredients than any other homeopathic topical analgesic on the market. This more inclusive formula gives the product wider applicability. But, this is a value-priced market, so price is not a critical variable.

An analysis of the marketing strategies to penetrate the market and increase sales

Future Competition As has been noted, the topical analgesic category, including natural ingredient, is rapidly influenced by new clinical studies and product innovations. There are three main sources of new competition: Examples are new products which employ the medicinal benefits of ammonium compounds.

These products are designed to provide pain relief without the objectionable training room smells, burning sensations and stinging of abraded skin that are often caused by the majority of topical analgesics that contain menthol, methyl salicylate or capsaicin as active ingredients. Pain Away's formula has solved this sensation problem and is a less "high-tech" product, for which consumers are showing a preference.

Companies currently in this market who could increase market share and become major players.


Chain drug companies may produce their own private label homeopathic products and corral a significant share of this growing market - much as they did in the non-homeopathic analgesic market.

This scenario is more likely to happen as homeopathic companies expand the sales volume in this market and there are share points to be taken away by private labeling.

This strategy will capitalize on the market development to date and capture a share of markets held by existing pain-relieving topical applications. The key benefit is that conventional pain-relievers mask pain while Pain Away stimulates the body's own healing ability to directly battle an ailment.

Another benefit is that homeopathic remedies have no known side effects while many pain-relievers, especially those ingested, have side effects. Neither will Pain Away interfere with any medication. One objective of planned controlled studies on the effectiveness of Pain Away is to use scientific evidence to help bridge the narrowing gap between natural and conventional medicine.

Product studies will support this marketing strategy. Expand a growing new market for alternative health care by positioning to lead this growing market.

This strategy addresses the The company has already been approached by two large Multi-Level Marketing companies. This strategy would involve creating private labels for a large customer.Intel's original plan, written on the back of a menu (view copy), is an excellent example of a hard statement.

The company will engage in research, development, and manufacture and sales of integrated electronic structures to fulfill the needs of electronic systems manufacturers. To handle the increasing variety and complexity of managerial forecasting problems, many forecasting techniques have been developed in recent years.

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To reach far and wide, you need the right distribution strategies in place. You cannot market a product and then not deliver the product to the end customer. This is a sheer loss of money as you waste money on your marketing and the opportunity loss is also huge. Not to mention, the loss to the brand when the customer wants to purchase the .

Q: What should we know before our company goes after a niche market? A: Most companies, whether big or small, direct their marketing to select niche audiences. Even the country's largest.

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