Comparing uk and us gang culture

Glasgow[ edit ] The history of Glasgow gangs can be traced back to the 18th century, although the first media reference to Glasgow gangs was not until the s, with the acknowledgement of the Penny Mobs.

Comparing uk and us gang culture

Societies consist of a group of people who share an exclusive territory and a common culture. A culture "is the totality of learned, socially transmitted customs, knowledge, material objects, and behavior.

Most members of a society share a common language, beliefs, values, symbols, and artifacts. Another important characteristic of societies is their tendency to organize into social institutions.

Among the most common are the family, faith organizations, schools, government, commerce, a military, justice system, and the like. The social institutions are further characterized by their internal organization whereby members hold specific statuses what someone is and are expected to fulfill the roles what someone does in a given status attached to each.

Children a status are expected to follow orders and eat everything on their plate two of their many roles. Statuses are further differentiated in that one may have more power than another. For example, children a status are subordinate to fathers and mothers statuses. Why This is Important Understanding the nature of human society and culture is important because it helps us better understand gangs and the behavior of their members.

Gangs are a part of our society and have become a mini-society of their own within it. This mini-society, referred to as a subculture, is part of the larger society in which we live. Some examples of the thousands of other subcultures in American society are the deaf, doctors, students, the Amish, and Hispanics.

A subculture "is a segment of society that shares a distinctive pattern of In a sense, a subculture can be thought of as a culture existing within a larger, dominant culture.

The Sociological Characteristics of a Gang Gangs are groups of people who often have an exclusive territory and exhibit a common culture. To the extent that gangs are recognized as groups: This recognition is key to identifying an aggregate of people as a group.

Understanding that a gang may be viewed as a mini-society or subculture allows us to appreciate the importance some gangs place on their territorial boundaries. While for some the boundaries are defined as turf i.

Comparing uk and us gang culture

With heavy doses of drugs often mixed into gang life, turf wars have become drug territorial wars. Turf, in some cases, means more than the place where the gang congregates. The culture of a gang is imparted from one generation to the next through a process called socialization.

As indicated in our characterization of a society, norms are behavioral expectations. The norms of a gang define which behaviors are expected and accepted among its members.

Violations of the norms, depending upon their level of importance to members of the gang, may result in punishments which range from minor to severe. Understanding this allows us to understand gangs more fully and provides insights into the response of gang members to violations of their norms.

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For example, you may know that disrespecting slang:86% of US cities with a population of , or more report gang activity. According to the FBI in , there were 33, violent street, motorcycle, and prison gangs active in the U.S., with more than million members (a 40% increase from ).

Aug 29,  · To a gang member, the gang comes before: God, family, marriage, community, friendship, and the law. Armed with this new way of thinking about gangs as members of a foreign culture, I would make some useful suggestions to use in the interview or interrogation process. Apr 01,  · The US gang culture seems to be based on what colour your skin or clothes are, in the UK it's based on what postcode you live in.

Comparing uk and us gang culture

, PM #62 shawco. In , the Gang Intelligence Unit at the Department of Corrections tried to crack down and decipher the gang's codes, puzzles, and hierarchy system.

They have made a little progress, but there remains a lot to be learned. Such bloodshed pales in comparison to the epicenter of gang culture, Los Angeles, where an estimated 90, gang members have been blamed for .

In the US there are 28, gangs and , gang members, according to the latest reports from the National Gang Center. But Ephgrave says there are similarities between the UK and the US.

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