Dairy farming business plan in maharashtra india

Dry fodder are wheat hay paddy straw kutti chokar, etc.

Dairy farming business plan in maharashtra india

Dairy Farming Guide For Beginners: We have seen tremendous growth in dairy farming equipment that help modern dairy farms to manage thousands of dairy cows and buffaloes. This huge boost in the industry has created a lot of farming jobs for the people.

But many of the dairy farms still manage and run organic dairy farms mostly in villages and supply the milk to get processed by large companies and finally sell to the retail outlets.

Anyone opting to go in for dairy farming must have a genuine love for the welfare of cows and buffaloes as dairying requires long hours of tiring and harsh work without there being any holiday. Further to be a successful dairy farmer one must have a good knowledge about all aspects of scientific management of dairy animals as well as management of dairy business.

The selection, breeding, feeding, management, housing and healthcare requirements of high grade crossbred cows and genetically superior buffaloes are different in many respects from our traditional methods of cattle rearing. The best approach is to create and run a sustainable dairy farm that gives maximum profits to the firm and also takes care of the effects of dairy farms on environments and animals for a longer period.

They can perform better under favorable environmental conditions. Housing of animals need initial capital to the extent the dairy farmers can afford. The animals are to be protected from high and low temperature, strong sunlight, heavy rainfall, high humidity, frost, snowfall, strong winds, ecto-parasite and endo-parasites.

The comfortable temperature range for dairy breeds of cattle, buffaloes and goats is C to C. Climatic stress occurs when the temperature goes 50C below or above this range. High humidity combined with high temperature causes more stress to animals in tropics.

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Rainfall in cold climate also causes stress in temperate zone. Strong winds further aggravate the conditions both in tropics and temperate climate. Several techniques are available to provide relief from hot weather conditions for lactating dairy cows. In tropical and sub-tropical climates, well-ventilated shed is a necessity at points of high heat stress, such as feed barns, loafing areas, and in holding areas.

It is important to provide a sufficient flow of air through the building in which the animals are kept to ensure optimum thermal conditions for dairy animals.Before starting goat farming business plan consider your budget and some other factor related to this business.

How much capital do you have? I am from Maharashtra, India here stall feeding goat farms are common and gives good returns on investment. then dairy goat farming will also be profitable for you. You can review our goat farming. Respected sir I am a farmer come govt worker in belgaum district karnataka india having graduation in bsc but i want improve my farming culture, devolope economically, produse more corp products personnely and as wel as i want to serve to my reasonal peaple by giving them services like give information, about corps, production, direct marketing trading etc to peaple around my entaire state.

How safe is dairy business?

How to Start Dairy Farming in India | Modern Farming Methods

Dairy farming is a safe business for the following reasons: It is eco-friendly and does not cause environmental pollution as compared to other industries. Requirement of skilled labour is relatively less.

Dairy product market is active round the year. Minimum investment on inventory. An average Holstein cow can cost between Rs 35, to Rs 1,00, As daily expenses, you will incur Rs Jersey Cow (Price Rs 30, to Rs 80,)This is a very popular name in the breeds of cows in India.

dairy farming business plan in maharashtra india

Agri Farming Agriculture Farming in India. Home; Agriculture Farming; Vegetable Farming; Fruit Farming; Livestock Farming; Project Reports; one must have a good knowledge about all aspects of scientific management of dairy animals as well as management of dairy business.

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dairy farming business plan in maharashtra india
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