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The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields: What is Penetrating You? Many people can't tell you the source of their electricity—whether nuclear, coal, solar, wind or hydroelectric. Most people don't realize that electricity runs through metal wires because they are good conductors, but your body is a good conductor as well.

Doing research in the fields of

What is computer face, and do you need to worry about it destroying your looks before your time? According to a leading cosmetic surgeon, professionals who sit for hours in front of the computer—and who tend to squint, frown, or remain in one position for a long period of time—are at a greater risk for the appearance of premature aging.

That means accelerated fine lines, wrinkles, frown lines, turkey neck, deep wrinkles, and jowls. In fact, office workers were the most likely to show signs of premature aging. Here are some of the potential problems: If you frown or squint when concentrating—you may end up with premature frown lines.

Sitting in one position too long can increase risk of jowls.

If you look down a lot, neck muscles can shorten and sag—turkey neck. Younger men and women are aging more quickly because of the heavy use of information technology.

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So far, this is a phenomenon touted only by cosmetic surgeons, who claim to be seeing more and more younger patients with these types of effects. We have yet to see any real scientific study on the matter, but these early warnings may be worth heeding, considering how badly the muscles in the rest of our body react to endless sitting.

Might your computer expose you to UV radiation? Older CRT monitors did emit very low levels of UV lightwhich may have lead to skin damage over time. They could also be problematic for photosensitive individuals, such as those with lupus or severe cases of xeroderma pigmentosum.

Allergic Reactions that Lead to Aging Recent research suggeststhough, that prolonged exposure to a computer screen may lead to discoloration, blotches, rashes, and skin allergies. Those with pre-existing skin problems, like rosacea and sun sensitivity, could be even more at risk.

According to some scientists, monitors create an electrostatic field that attracts floating dust that can then settle on the skin and cause dryness, irritation, and allergic reactions—particularly in poorly ventilated areas. What to Do to Protect Your Face and Eyes Research into the potential effects of computers on skin is still in its infancy.

These are preliminary findings that have yet to be duplicated. A study linked LED lights in bulbs, computers, cell phones, and TVs to increased risk of irreparable harm to the retina in the eye.

They estimated the problem is likely to grow as more computers, mobile phones and TV screens use LED lights. Experts have called for built-in filters to cut down on the blue glare.project success and failure: what is success, what is failure, and how can you improve your odds for success?

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Doing research in the fields of

QF views research as essential to national and regional growth, as the means to diversify the nation’s economy, enhance educational offerings and develop areas that affect the community, such as health and environment.

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Some research suggests that extended exposure to computer screens could cause premature aging of the skin.

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