Essay of advantages of film industry

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Essay of advantages of film industry

Advantages and Disadvantages Films: Advantages and Disadvantages A film is automatically associated with fun, entertainment and relaxation.

The next 2 and a half hours are to be enjoyed thoroughly. Work pressures, daily routines, chores at home and all other commitments are kept aside for this time. We used to watch films only in a cinema but these days films are shown on television within three months of its release on the big screen.

With the introduction of multiplexes, where one can see more than one film, do some shopping and also enjoy a sumptuous meal, all under one roof of a mall. Films have a great influence on the general public and this allows cinemas to flourish as commercial ventures. Movies play a big role in the development and direction of the society.


Films that show virtuous characters tend to inspire people to do good. In the same way, villainous characters bring out the evil in people and make people indulge in criminal activities.

Films provide entertainment to both the rich and the poor and we should choose what we watch. Besides providing entertainment, films educate and inform the viewers of various social aspects and how we should live our lives, what we should tolerate and how we should go about objecting and the wrong meted out to us.

Essay of advantages of film industry

Educational films show us geography, history and science and bring out a lot of details students may not be able to experience only through reading. Films which provide information, education and values are known as family entertainers and many of them can be viewed again when they are telecast on television.

Films play a big role in influencing the youth of our society and should avoid displaying obnoxious styles and habit forming vices on the big screen as the youth ape these actions and commit thefts, crimes, get into violent fights imagining themselves to be heroes and think their actions will attract public acclaim.

Films have an advantage only if they entertain, inform, educate and are commercially profitable to the makers and the actors portray positive images and the viewers get entertained and value for their money.Essay about The Digital Film Making Industry - The Digital Film Making Industry Digital filmmaking is quickly changing everything about filmmaking.

Everyone from professionals to amateurs are currently seeing great advancements in many aspects of the industry.

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Before moving to these essays, consider the discussion below about some of the economic, political, social and cultural manifestations of globalization. Economic manifestations of globalization Increasingly over the past two centuries, economic activity .

This paper follows a movie from its initial conception on through production, distribution, exhibition, preservation, and redistribution, surveying current and planned applications of computer technology and identifying areas requiring further research. To understand the meaning of the film and explain it in your film analysis essay, you should know the main elements of cinematic structure.

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Some of them are: Camera placement; Scene composition; Shot structure, etc. By the way, you should be aware and understand all basic terms and concepts related to . Computer Technology In The Movie Industry Film Studies Essay. Print Reference this.

Essay of advantages of film industry

Computer-generated imagery means computer graphics being applied into movie industry to create special effects. Compared to other physical means, CGI is a cheaper alternative because it uses computer software to create images instead of constructing real.

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