Essay on kashmir issue and role of pakistan

At present, it is an issue of international importance.

Essay on kashmir issue and role of pakistan

Kashmir is paradise on the earth (Amir Khusru)

Pakistan since its inception have advocated for the right of the self determination of the people of Kashmir and Pakistan Role Kashmir Dispute, though the Policy towards Kashmir kept changing at times.

Since independence till s Pakistan Policy towards Kashmir was mainly political and diplomacy oriented. She tried to internationalize the dispute at different fora and provided moral, diplomatic and political support to the Kashmiri freedom fighters.

Moreover Pakistan has also fought two wars with India during this Period and Pakistan has also adopted different military tactics in Kashmir for the support of Kashmir.

Since s tillPakistan Policy towards Kashmir was mainly military oriented. It was only during Musharraf era that the government took bold steps to resolve the dispute.

During his reign Musharraf kept Kashmir issue alive.

Pakistan Role In Kashmir Dispute Essay On Kashmir Issue

In he proposed a four stages formula for resolving all outstanding issues with India including Kashmir. The Four stages were: Recognition of Kashmir as a disputed territory Initiating dialogue Dropping impractical solutions Moving towards a win-win situation27 Then in he proposed the plan of dividing Kashmir in seven regions which is known as seven regions Formula.

Inthe PPP government only internationalized the dispute and same is the case in current government of Nawaz Sharif. Pakistan has struggled and still struggling for the Kashmir issue to be resolved according to the aspirations of the people of Kashmir and in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions.Kashmir Issue and Mediation Essay - Kashmir Issue and Mediation The record of the international mediation (Third Party role), or meditative interventions in regard to the Kashmir dispute is clearly mixed: These interventions achieved both some successes and some failures.

KASHMIR CONFLICT BETWEEN PAKISTAN AND INDIA The State of Jammu and Kashmir is situated between Pakistan and India. Among the key reasons for tension between Pakistan and India is the key problem of regardbouddhiste.coms Pakistan has repeatedly termed this the "core issue" in its relationship with India, India has maintained that this matter was settled with Kashmir's accession to India in October .

In , when Pakistan involved into the war, India went to U.N.O for help and United Nations passed a resolution that a plebiscite will be held in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Talking about Kashmir raises many questions in one’s mind like:

It means that the people of that region were to decide either to choose Pakistan or India for allegiance. The essay on Kashmir Issue and dispute discusses the recognition of this world problem by UNO and the three parties to it. Kashmir Issue: An Outline. Feb 12,  · ESSAY of words and just describe about the past and present situation of kashmir and also tell the part of pakistanStatus: Resolved.

Kashmir issue is the core issue between Pakistan and India. It has a deep and direct effect on Indo-Pak Relations and peace and prosperity in South Asia.

Essay on kashmir issue and role of pakistan

At present, it is an issue of international importance.

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