Ethical strengths and weaknesses

Describe the main principles of Ethics of Care. Ethics of care seeks to determine whether actions are right or wrong. Unlike some philosophies that deny the existence of right and wrong, ethics of care acknowledges their existence and seeks to determine the morality of these decisions.

Ethical strengths and weaknesses

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Search Christian Ethics The Christian Ethics section contains material on natural law theorydivine command theorymoral relativism with a detailed piece on cultural relativismand just war theory. Natural Law Theory The material on natural law theory briefly outlines this approach to ethics, contrasting classical natural law theory with its Thomist development.

Moral Relativism The section on moral relativism begins with an explanation of the view that morality is relative, that there are no absolute ethical truths.

Two forms of relativism are distinguished: These are then contrasted with the view, sometimes mistaken for relativism but actually consistent with moral objectivism, that different people have different duties depending on their circumstances.

Also available is a more detailed look at cultural relativismthe theory that moral truths only hold relative to specific cultural contexts.

Ethical strengths and weaknesses

This consists of an overview of this theory, and some comments about its strengths and weaknesses. Just War Theory Just war theory concerns when it is legitimate to go to war.Personal Strengths and Weaknesses - Personal Strengths and Weaknesses What are my personal strengths and weaknesses.

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Code of Ethics Strength and Weaknesses Page history last edited by Francisco L. Compas Jr. 3 years ago Code of Ethics Strength and Weaknesses. Hard numbers are not a comprehensive reflection of an employee's performance. Here are a few ways other ways to use the data to evaluate employee performance.

Ethical questions are easy because the correct answer is that you always do the ethically correct thing – so if your friend steals an exam and distributes it, you tell the professor, anonymously if possible so that you preserve the friendship while also making sure grades are legitimate.

Dedicated – Seeing things to completion borders on an ethical obligation for ESTJs.

Ethical strengths and weaknesses

Tasks aren’t simply abandoned because they’ve become difficult or boring – people with the ESTJ personality type take them up when they are the right thing to do, and they will be finished so .

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