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Haier case

How can Haier augment and apply an efficacious performance management system at its plants in other regions of the world so as to duplicate its success in China?.

The company policies in the operating country might vary since China is a communist country and other countries that Haier operates in have a democratic government. A few processes might need to be altered to meet the labour laws of the host country.

Haier case

As per the single party set-up Haier case interacts only with a limited group of people. Also since the national policy changes are more firm and lasting.

This may not be the case in countries with a democratic set-up. The threat of Chinese government taking over the business is much higher than any other country. So spreading risk by expanding Haier case a major need for Haier currently.

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Group Q2 Section 3 2 3. With 12 out of 15 top retailers distributing Haier products in European market and all of 10 major retailers distributing Haier products in North American market, the situation demands an expansion at other geographical locations.

Haier believed in complete transparency at work, appraisals and promotions. This might not be in line with the culture of different countries. For instance job security is very important for Irish and Finnish people whereas the British people prefer hierarchical system.

Also there is a minimum wage rate expectation in the European and American countries, this can be introduced in the African countries where in the industries have no set rules which might lead to the productivity to get hampered.

Haier case

A dominant social structure exists in China where Emperor is over general, Father is over son and so forth. It would be challenging for Haier to appoint people at mid-level and top level management positions from other companies with this set up 3.

Guanxi a quid pro quo had plagued the management in the past. The company needs to ensure that such system does not affect the company again. Haier propagates a sense of self management. This could be difficult in countries with a high power distance.

For instance in India employees follow a bureaucratic system where people are inclined to follow orders of their superiors. The company transitioned from producing a one model refrigerator to over 86 products in A tie-up with a German firm to get access to better technology.

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Critical Factors and Analysis: This policy boosts employee performance and keep the underperformers in check. The policy of incentives and compensation is prevalent all across the world. The Haier PMS gave performance based incentives and rewards and also penalized employees for under performance.

The performance management system at Haier is culture specific to China and needs to adapt as per the global work culture. Chinese work culture expected employees to work in multiple silos beyond their comfort zone.

To ensure that the system is adaptable globally the PMS must be re-modeled as per the local culture of the country. The rotational policy is one of the key defining characteristics of the Haier PMS.

It required the Chinese people to go beyond their comfort zone and forced them to be multifaceted in other tasks as well. This policy should be implemented in all performance management systems, irrespective of the culture because this tests the overall competence of an employee.

Goals are aligned with employee competency and company objectives. If goal alignment is not present then the performance management will be inadequate. These are the goals that are set for a company to influence the employee's performance in a major way and subsequently the PMS.

However, focus is more on a clear vision of where it wants the business to be. They hire people with values aligned with its business strategy.Voltas and Haier declined to comment since the matter is sub judice, while an email sent to ZeroZero Creative Solutions and its partner Kumar Subramaniam did not elicit any response.

KOLKATA: Tata-owned Voltas has received a favourable interim order from the Delhi High Court regarding its legal suit. The Haier Group has adopted a multi-brand strategy and maintains three key home grown brands: Haier, Casarte and Leader (see Fig.

9 for the logos of the three brands). Haier remains the flagship brand which is the most widely distributed and addresses the largest target audience.

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