How to write a ya query letter

I remember reading a few horror stories when I first began researching agents, and I promised myself I would be smart about this. That died a pretty quick and epic death. How can a writer tell the difference?

How to write a ya query letter

I am so thrilled to be a YA mentor in Pitch Wars this year. I was a mentee inand PitchWars brought so much goodness to my life: After Pitch Wars, I received five offers of representation and went on to sign a two-book deal with HarperTeen.

I have a weakness for old forests, Southern voices, and beautiful sentences.

Successful Query Letters: Young Adult Novel "Not a Drop to Drink"

I spend most of my time writing, reading, and hanging out with my scruffy little rescue dogs, Nutmeg and Luna. Mentoring Style I believe writing is an extremely vulnerable, personal act, so I always strive to be kind and constructive in my feedback.


My strengths as a writer are character development, world-building, atmosphere, voice, dialogue, and style. I am looking for a mentee who is able to accept criticism and work hard, even if it means making significant changes.

In other words, I want my mentor-mentee relationship to be a cooperative partnership—give and take. I love both low and high fantasy, magical realism, and speculative fiction. I am a sucker for atmospheric settings, beautiful sentences, and inventive magic.

I want characters I can care about—ones with personal stakes and a sense of agency. And I want careful, thoughtful, lyrical writing. My ideal book has a commercial, high-concept hook paired with gorgeous prose.

I strongly welcome submissions from writers from marginalized communities. I would especially like to see these stories from writers with similar backgrounds. I want badass girls with or without violencetough cookies with gooey centers, and smart girls with cool hobbies.If you write YA, query YA agents.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but so many agents say the vast majority of queries they receive are for genres they don’t represent.

Don’t do this. The beginning of a cover letter is the same as the query letter (with regards to format, headers, etc.,) all the way through The Greeting. Thank you for requesting my YA novel MS-TITLE.

I have enclosed the first three chapters for your review. return to write queries, cover . After Unit 4 you will have the opportunity to submit up to 10 pages of your work-in-progress along with a query letter, elevator speech (logline) and synopsis.

how to write a ya query letter

How the course works It is all done with one-to-one correspondence with the instructor using e-mail. Rachelle Gardner: How to Write a Query Letter (love her blog) [ ] Carpet cleaner hire cardiff on May 16, at AM I believe everything typed made a ton of sense.

Oct 06,  · So it’s hard to cross over from MG to YA. How to write a query letter to a literary agent Image of literary agents crowding around a published book Erin Cox – She likes a good story. If you’re going to take the time to write a book, make it good. Let her know why you wrote your book.

Jul 03,  · It covers the YA market (including the 10 things the top NYC editors are asking for right now), tools that will help you craft a strong and focused YA novel, and details on how to create a professional and artful query letter that will impress literary agents.

Hooks that snag great book deals