Memo the retreat and corporate team

Executive Staff and direct reports From: May 26, The Internet Tidal Wave Our vision for the last 20 years can be summarized in a succinct way. We saw that exponential improvements in computer capabilities would make great software quite valuable.

Memo the retreat and corporate team

I worked for a well-known company that relentlessly jumped on every management bandwagon during the height of team building fanaticism.

And my immediate boss was the head fanatic. We had to eat in a group with our arms tied together. Do cooperative human wheelbarrow exercises. Perform one act plays. Act out positive messages about our coworkers. I'd list more but I'm starting to hyperventilate. We had to hike thru mountain trails somewhere in Western NY--one guy wore Gucci loafers thru the whole thing because no one had bothered to alert the attendees of the activities of the event and the recommended dress code.

Plus everyone was massively hung over from the previous night's bacchanal.

From Gateway to Hell, Hutchinson, 1970

Not a good day, fortunately no one got Lyme disease no bug spray provided, btw. I worked for a top-tier Wall Street firm at the time and they flew employees in from all over the globe to participate in this team-building exercise.

Management at the top is always thinking of silly things like this. At the retreat, one of the sessions involved the CEO sitting with his back to the room while employees were able to air their grievances to him directly anonymously to him. All of the managers who might tattle were banned from the session.

The criticism was all brutally honest and sometimes even personal. I never quite figured out the goal of the session but that CEO left the company shortly thereafter. Of course, they never hired nearly as many replacements as they'd gotten rid of but the environment there was much better after that so someone somewhere must have gotten the memo that it wasn't an effective management style.

There's a reason some people love teamwork and some love working independently. We need both types in the world and from preschool we do everything to indoctrinate all kids into being teamplayers and group thinkers.

I dated a HR guy briefly and he said his company told him to discard any resume that didn't have a team sports under interests.

Some of us love tennis or running or martial arts. Now it can make you unemployable? What will they think of next Where I work it's an open plan office, I have to clock in and out for bathroom breaks and coffee breaks, I can't leave a minute early without getting a 'red mark', we're forced into teams, we're forced into having team meetings where nobody has anything to say, we're given silly team names to boost morale I'm team panda and you are not allowed any independent thoughts even drafting a letter requires the team to brainstorm.

Memo the retreat and corporate team

I'm at my wits end and I'm desperately trying to move into freelance work. I can't take almost 30 more years I'm 36 of this corporate bullshit, it's like being a perpetual school kid.

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When there jobs were limited to filling out forms and arranging job interviews. I didn't realise this kind of corportaive motivational stuff was still going on. Where I work, they organise outdoor days, where we get to take part in the activities we want. It's meant for cohesion but we're not forced to do team crap.

I guess we are fortunate. Anybody remembers an early 80s, somewhat exploitation, vaguely unpleasant movie called Brainwash? It quickly became nightmarish and abusive for the employees.

Based on a true story. Of course it is about crazy, dangerous gurus from the late 70s rather than team work bandwagons activities from the 90s early s, but still. Got scarred as a kid by that film?The Internet dramatically reduced application lock-in PCs became “good enough”, elongating the upgrade cycle Smartphones first addressed needs the PC couldn’t, then over time started taking over PC functionality directly What is more interesting, though, is the story of Windows’ decline in.

Memo the retreat and corporate team

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