New product development at canon the

Canon Product development was concentrated into 3 main stages: Canon invested million Yen in a new output line at their Component Development Center Canofax was received reasonably in the mart, but had a number of troubles. Costs of CS-I was extremely high. Most customers were still willing to substitute the size for cost.

New product development at canon the

Therefore, Canon is New product development at canon the to build a platform for digital technologies structured by core technologies. By sharing these among various products, Canon achieves faster product development and higher quality.

Differences between the color gamut often result in differences between the colors that appear on displays or printouts and the actual colors recorded by digital cameras or scanners. Canon has been engaged in activities to achieve high image quality and consistent color reproduction shared by various input and output devices.

The company has accumulated a wealth of expertise in image management, evaluation and simulation technologies, as well as in image processing technology. This expertise is put to use to accurately reproduce colors true to the originals, to assign quantitative values to preferred or ideal colors for individual applications such as graphic or logo outputs, and to establish target colors as Canon Unified High-Quality Color.

New product development at canon the

The company has also developed design and evaluation tools to achieve these goals and has created an integrated image-development environment.

Canon Unified High-Quality Color is now being used in Canon imaging devices across almost all device categories. Canon has further developed this technology to create Kyuanos, a high-accuracy color management system CMS that keeps track of human visual performance and lighting conditions, factors that govern the appearance of colors, and Texture Simulation, an algorithm to estimate possible changes in color tint or gloss due to subtle differences in surface profiles by paper type.

Conventional technology demands a tremendous investment of time and effort for the creation of these profiles.

New product development at canon the

Kyuanos, on the other hand, has an automated profile creation function capable of matching colors with amazing accuracy to meet the precise application needs of professional photographers. The color reproduction range of input and output devices has expanded in recent years, making it difficult to correctly reproduce colors using the conventional 8-bit and sRGB standard color space.

Kyuanos offers an extended color space for bit and bit formats that allows for maximum input and output performance without color space restrictions. This enables the reproduction of exceptionally vivid colors with rich gradation. Difference in How Posters Look with Kyuanos Kyuanos offers an extended color space for bit and bit formats that allows for maximum input and output performance without color space restrictions.

Another feature of Kyuanos is the support for different lighting environments. Kyuanos is able to numerically convert colors based on human perception, lighting characteristics that significantly affect how images appear for example, whether fluorescent or incandescent lighting is being usedand the color reproduction characteristics of the device in question.

Using this data to convert images enables color consistency even under different lighting environments. Texture Simulation Technology An Example of Texture Simulation Technology The image quality of printed materials varies significantly with the color and glossiness levels on image surfaces.

Texture Simulation virtually recreates light reflections on printed materials by precisely measuring paper surface and calculating the likely patterns of light reflection, absorption, and dispersion.

Texture Simulation is also widely used to select proper coloring materials and recording methods for high-quality printouts based on simulations with ink, toner, and other coloring materials on paper regardless of gloss or other properties of the paper itself. The company is enhancing its technologies to recognize various subjects and scenes in order to extend its application area, for example high image quality processing and security domain such as surveillance cameras.

They make using the devices enjoyable, reflecting an evolution that creates new value and relationships between users and the systems. To allow users to intuitively operate complicated functions on digital devices, Canon is developing multi-modal i.

To support this, Canon is developing rendering technologies that optimally display results based on the size and type of display being used, along with display technologies that deliver smooth animations and video for even richer visual expression.

The Minds Behind the Magic

In addition, Canon is pursuing natural-sounding speech-synthesis technologies to convey information in a non-visual format. Wireless Network Technology Wireless network technology provides a high-speed wireless network environment that can be used anytime and anywhere.

Canon has been improving network performance and enabling easy, secure network connectivity by developing ways to embed standard network technologies such as Wireless LAN Wi-Fi into cameras, printers, and other products. Now developed as a common platform, wireless network technology has been optimized for Canon products.

Canon is also developing Near Field Communication Technology to collaborate wirelessly with smartphones, and public wireless technology. Furthermore, creating a system for interconnecting a variety of input and output devices, working on the development of network middleware for automatically connecting devices using different specifications, and the standardization of wireless technology, with the aim of quickly resolving inconveniences faced by users.New Product Development At Canon: The Contact Sensor Project Case Solution, Canon Product development was concentrated into 3 main stages: (1) applications-oriented basic research, (2) single product target and (3) diversification.

New Product Development at Canon: The Contact Sensor Project Case Solution,New Product Development at Canon: The Contact Sensor Project Case Analysis, New Product Development at Canon: The Contact Sensor Project Case Study Solution, Canon is one of the leading innovators in the world.

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B. M. Metzger is a scholar well suited to the task of discussing the history of the canon of the New Testament, the NT being his specialty.

He spends the first portion of the book talking about the literature that has been published on the subject prior to this work, then goes into the history starting with the apostolic fathers. NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AT CANON THE CONTACT SENSOR PROJECT AUTHOR(S): BOWER, JOSEPH L.; PARTINGTON, MICHAEL INTRODUCTION Merriam-Webster defines the word “Canon” as an accepted principle or rule, a criterion or standard of judgment, a body of principles, rules, standards, or norms.

New core businesses for growth. Currently, Canon is in the midst of a grand strategic transformation designed to accelerate growth in our four new businesses.

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