Protecting our beloved children through vaccinations

Even though there are outbreaks of some vaccine-preventable diseases in the United States, the spread of disease usually slows or stops because most people are vaccinated or protected through immunity against the disease.

Protecting our beloved children through vaccinations

The viruses and bacteria that cause illness and death still exist and can be passed on to those who are not protected by vaccines. Vaccines will help keep you healthy. Yet many individuals are not vaccinated as recommended, leaving them needlessly vulnerable to illness and long-term suffering.

Vaccines are as important to your overall health as diet and exercise.

Protecting our beloved children through vaccinations

Like eating right, exercising, and getting regular screenings for diseases such as colon and breast cancer, vaccines can also play a vital role in keeping you healthy. Vaccines are one of the most convenient and safest preventive care measures available.

Vaccination can mean the difference between life and death. Approximately 50, adults die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases in the US.

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Vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccines are among the safest medical products available and can prevent the suffering and costs associated with infectious diseases.

The potential risks associated with the diseases that vaccines prevent are much greater than the potential risks from the vaccines themselves.

Others have live, but weakened, viruses designed to ensure that you cannot catch the disease. Young and healthy people can get very sick, too. Infants and the elderly are at greater risk for serious infections and complications,but vaccine-preventable diseases can strike anyone.

Vaccine-preventable diseases are expensive. An average influenza illness can last up to 15 days, typically with five or six missed work days.

When you get sick, your children, grandchildren, and parents are at risk, too. A vaccine-preventable disease that might make you sick for a week or two could prove deadly for your children, grandchildren, or parents if it spreads to them. In general, vaccine-preventable diseases are more serious for the very young and the very old.

Your family and coworkers need you.Immunizing individual children also helps to protect the health of our community, especially those people who cannot be immunized (children who are too young to be vaccinated, or those who can’t receive certain vaccines for medical reasons), and the small proportion of people who don’t respond to a particular vaccine.

The Value of Vaccines in Disease Prevention Vaccinations are an essential tool in our fight against infectious disease. According to the can protect unvaccinated individuals through community protection or herd immunity.2 (DTP3) vaccine worldwide.

These children are protected against these infectious diseases that can have serious. We lost our beloved family pet Boxer, Spencer, to a rabies vaccination that we were told was mandatory.

When we moved to a new neighborhood, we were visited by Animal Control. They gave us a sort of "fix-it" ticket that required us to license our pet.

Tara and Gavin Hills, from Kanata, Canada, have been firmly in the anti-vaccination camp, that is until their seven children contracted whooping cough. Homeopathic immunizations help to prevent vaccine injury in children and adults of all ages.

HP Helps To Strengthen Your Natural Immunity!

Protecting our beloved children through vaccinations

Homeoprophylaxis increases natural immunity by stimulating the immune system with the highly diluted substances that are the homeopathic – energy equivalents – of a given disease. The current CDC recommended vaccine schedule for children now has over 30 vaccines by the time a child turns 6 and an additional potential for up to 30 more by the time they reach Could this increase be linked to our declining health?

It's Time to Put a Stop to the Mindless Over-Vaccination of Pets