Qualitative vs quantitative essay

Download this Essay in word format. Qualitative research does not depend on numbers or statistics, unlike quantitative research. Liberated from the need to devise surveys or instruments to measure only quantifiable results, the research can gather information that is more abstract, subjective, or exploratory in nature. Both qualitative and quantitative research are empirical methods relevant to the social sciences, and can be used together to bolster understanding of a specific subject, population, theory, issue, or set of variables.

Qualitative vs quantitative essay

Friday, 25 May My First Year. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods Essay It was a bit rushed and is missing a few things like a conclusion: But it still got me a HD: Qualitative research methods are conducted in a natural setting that allows for an in-depth analysis to find meaning and are taken in the form of words, sounds, pictures or objects.

This allows for precise recordings of events and any consequences that may have occurred as a direct or indirect effect of such an event. Quantitative research methods are precise and focus on a specific topic at hand. It does this by largely depending on specific measurements, analysis and interpretation of numerical and non-numerical data.

I will be comparing each type of research method and the different methods used within them, the differences between qualitative and quantitative as well as the methodologies, epistemologies, and ethical issues that are involved with the research methods.

When using qualitative research methods a precise question or hypothesis does not need to be in mind but a general topic of interest that you would like to conduct an experiment on Willig, This may become a difficulty though as all research proposals are reviewed by special committees who like to know exactly what and why you are doing the particular experiment.

This is why research is based on well thought out and justifiable principles that are relevant to the research. Qualitative researchers take an interpretative approach whilst being subjective.

This allows the researcher to have an increased understanding of the meaning behind what is being observed and recorded. These methodologies contribute to the in-depth analysis to have a greater specificity of a smaller number of participants Willig, Qualitative research does not require a large number of participants as Qualitative vs quantitative essay is rather exploratory and is not sure what it may uncover so may change as research continues.

It is aiming to uncover the larger picture behind an event and is interested in the more humanistic point of view, opinions, experiences and attitudes of the participants rather than solid facts that can be used for generalisability Willig, Qualitative research is often used as a starting point to look further into a topic, which may not be as well understood.

Such topics like cultural values and social behaviour require in-depth interviewing and intense observation as such qualitative research methods should be used as it is capable of collecting sensitive data that quantitative data cannot.

This method is done firstly by defining a question or hypothesis to be answered, then by creating a way of measuring or a way to prove the hypothesis, create a study plan for how the research will be conducted, decide on the sample that will be analysed, collect data, analyse data collected and interpret this data.

Qualitative methods are often associated with the aim for social development. Some qualitative research methods include observation, ethnography, interviewing, action research and participatory research. Observational research is used for most psychological research whether it be structured or unstructured.

These experiments may be recorded, either video or audio which is an advantage as the researcher can play back and listen or watch recordings to find anything which may have been missed Flick, Ethnography is concerned with gaining an understanding of people and communities in their environment and does this by observing, talking to people in these communities, asking questions and coming to conclusions.

Interviews can be structured where all questions are specific and the researcher guides the researched, semi-structured where the researcher half guides the researched but allows for other input, and unstructured where the researcher allows the researched to have control over the interview and discuss what they like Flick, Action research is motivated by a desire for social change, and often involves questions that relate to an entire community or even nation.

When qualitative researchers are analysing data there are five methods of analysis, which are grounded theory, content analysis, interpretive phenomenology, thematic discourse analysis and Foucauldian discourse analysis. Grounded theory is used to analyse what is said only and is organised into categories that are used for comparative analysis.

Differences Between Qualitative And Quantitative Research Essay - Words

From these categories and comparative analysis a theory is then created Coffey, Atkinson, Content analysis involves looking at what has been said by who and the frequency of this occurrence to bring out significance. This data is now in the form of quantitative data is analysed and conclusions are made.

Qualitative vs quantitative essay

Interpretive phenomenology is interpreting exactly what someone has said and finding meaning. Thematic discourse analysis infers meaning from text and interprets these findings. They then ask questions about the text and analyse trying to find answers, which allows conclusions to be made.

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There are three types of research methods for quantitative research they are experimental designs, correlational designs and descriptive designs.

An experimental design includes being able to manipulate an outcome, may have a control group but not always, participants are assigned to different groups or conditions on the basis of chance, it uses statistical analysis to confirm the hypothesis and the ability to replicate the experiment again and produce the same or similar findings.

In some occasions a placebo may be used or a double-blind to prevent bias from occurring. Correlational designs or method is aimed to find to what extent or even at all if two variables are related. They determine correlations of data of experiments, case studies or surveys.

Although it may or may not find a correlation this does not imply causation.

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The methods of analysis for quantitative data are statistical analysis both descriptive and inferential statistics, which include the standard deviation, T-test, correlation, chi-square, mode, mean, and median which are used for central tendency.

The researcher must also be aware that participants may not have filled out such things like surveys or answered truthfully, which can lead to possible flaws and inadequacy of data collection and reliable data. From a qualitative perspective the positivism approach is taken, that meaning exists in the world and that our knowledge is a reflection of reality.This sample Qualitative vs.

Quantitative Research Paper features: + words (22 pages), APA format in-text citations, and a bibliography with 37 sources. Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research.

By Saul McLeod, updated There exists a fundamental distinction between two types of data: qualitative and quantitative. The way we typically define them, we call data 'quantitative' if it is in numerical form and 'qualitative' if it is not.

Jun 13,  · Qualitative Vs. Quantitative Research: What’s the Difference? June 13, by April Klazema. The terms qualitative and quantitative apply to two types of perspective reasoning, used most often when conducting research. Most research papers will rely on both, though some will lean more in one direction than the regardbouddhiste.com: April Klazema.

Quantitative vs Qualitative In this Discussion board I will discuss the differences between quantitative and qualitative research. You will be given the difference between a hypothesis and a null hypothesis, as well as the research method that uses the uses a hypothesis.

Free Essay: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Analysis When research is being conducted you must gather data. “Data are the facts and figures collected, analyzed.

Quantitative, and qualitative research have many significant differences. The subject of this paper will discuss the differences between quantitative, and qualitative research. Readers will have a clearer understanding of the differences between quantitative, and qualitative research.

Differences Between Qualitative And Quantitative Research Essay - Words