Sopapipa essay

This is Just technically stating that everything that Is posted on the Internet has the ability to be popularized or abuse the copyright act. One of the major companies that Google made more money than, was the movie Industries.

Sopapipa essay

That's because the popular crowd-sourced online encyclopedia is participating in an "Internet blackout" in protest of two controversial anti-piracy bills: Websites go dark to protest SOPA The bills are intended to Sopapipa essay protections against copyright infringement and intellectual property theft, but Internet advocates say they would stifle expression on the World Wide Web.

Sopapipa essay essence, the legislation has pitted content providers -- like the music and film industries -- against Silicon Valley. CBS Corporation is among the media and entertainment companies that support the legislation.


What's going on today? The popular link-sharing site Reddit got the ball rolling for today's hour Internet blackout. Search giant Google is showing its solidarity with a protest doodle and message: Please don't censor the web," but the site planned no complete blackout. Other sites -- like Facebook and Twitter -- oppose the legislation in question but aren't participating in today's blackout.

In addition to the Internet-based protests, some opponents are physically protesting on Wednesday outside of their congressional representatives' offices. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian said in Tuesday's press conference it will "probably be the geekiest, most rational protest ever.

The bills would give the Justice Department the power to go after foreign websites willfully committing or facilitating intellectual property theft -- "rogue" sites like The Pirate Bay. The government would be able to force U.

Sopapipa essay

Chamber of Commerce, argue that innovation and jobs in content-creating industries are threatened by growing Internet piracy. Overseas websites, they argue, are a safe haven for Internet pirates profiting off their content.

Chamber of Commerce, intellectual property-intensive sectors employ more than 19 million people in the U. Foreign website operators currently outside the bounds of U. In a statementformer Sen. Why Internet companies oppose SOPA and PIPA Internet companies and their investors would readily say that they're holding the "blackout" to protect their corporate interests -- and the entire burgeoning Internet-based economy.

Under the rules SOPA or PIPA would impose, Ohanian and others argue, start ups wouldn't be able to handle the costs that come with defending their sites against possible violations. Such sites would not be able to pay the large teams of lawyers that established sites like Google or Facebook can afford.

The legislation in question targets foreign companies whose primary purpose is to sell stolen or counterfeit goods -- but opponents say domestic companies could still be held liable for linking to their content.

Sopapipa essay

While sites like Reddit wouldn't have a legal duty to monitor their sites all the time, "you might have your pants sued off of you" if you don't, said Jayme White, staff director for the Senate Finance Subcommittee on international trade.

Brad Burnham, managing partner at the venture capital fund Union Square Ventures, said his company has avoided investing in companies related to the music industry because of the copyright risks -- but under the proposed legislation, that risk would hit just about any Internet company.

The impacts could go beyond the economy, some argue.SOPA: A Righteous Cause or a Piracy Crusade? To better understand the act, one needs to first examine what “SOPA” is and means. First . Free essays > Justice > The Sopa-Pipa > Buy essay The Sopa-Pipa The controversy that is brewing in the United States of America over the SOPA has had deep implications that have been coupled with the introduction of the PIPA Act which in its turn challenges the Trans- Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP).

Censorship essay, SOPA and PIPA bills.

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In the times of a progressive society humanity has reached a point, where online piracy is a serious threat to the economics of all countries, especially the US, as most of the business is either conducted or closely related to the Internet.

SOPA, PIPA: What you need to know. By Stephanie Condon Updated on: January 18, / PM / CBS News SOPA, PIPA spark website protests.

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