Susan hiller automatic writing authors

She completed a Ph. She felt art was "above all, irrational, mysterious, numinous … [she] decided [she] would become not an anthropologist but an artist: There she presented two works, one under her own name and one using the pseudonym 'Hace Posible' Spanish for 'make it possible' Transformer,a floor to ceiling grid structure with tissue paper covered with the artist's marks, and Enquires, a slide show of facts collected from a British encyclopaedia meant to emphasize culturally partisan definitions in what is considered an objective and equitable source of information [6] Her artistic practice was innovative for her time and included a variety of media and performance-based work. She engages with these experiences and phenomena that defy logical or rational explanation through the rational scientific techniques of taxonomy, collection, organization, description and comparison.

Susan hiller automatic writing authors

Posted on by Susan Brinkmann MB asks: It is an occult art and it should be abandoned immediately. They hold a pen which is said to move independently across the page and write out messages, usually from deceased persons or from unknown discarnate entities.

Automatic writing is also known as trance writing because the person goes into a kind of trance and writes whatever comes to mind very quickly and without forethought. Some psychotherapists also employ the practice as a way to release repressed memories although there is no scientific evidence proving that trance writing has any therapeutic value.

There are many famous automatic writers, such as a Swiss spirit medium named Helene Smith nee Catherine-Elise Muller a French psychic who invented an entire written language with which she claimed to be communicating with Martians. Believe it or not, the book she wrote about her martian friends was a best seller in her day!

She also claimed to be a reincarnation of a Hindu princess and Marie Antoinette. In the end, however, her martian language was found to be suspiciously similar to the French language, which was, by the way, her native tongue. Portrait of Seth Another famous automatic writer was Jane Roberts, a psychic and spirit medium who claimed to be channeling a spirit named Seth who imparted all the wisdom of the universe to her which she shared with the rest of the world in a series of best-selling books.

susan hiller automatic writing authors

Roberts and her husband met Seth while playing with a Ouija board and eventually abandoned the board and took up pen and paper to continue their dialogue. During these sessions with Seth, the entity would take control of Jane and she would speak aloud while her husband wrote down everything she said.

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Spiritually, one is putting their soul at risk by opening themselves to the influence of occult forces. They contradict the honor, respect and loving fear that we owe to God alone. For instance, Anita Muhl, M. I have seen many a fine business and professional man lose his grip through too intense interest in automatic writing.

Send your New Age questions to newage womenofgrace.The Sisters of Menon, , was made while Hiller was working on her collaborative telepathy experiment Draw Together. While working on this project where she attempted to send images for friends all over the world to draw, Hiller was surprised to find herself the agent of automatic writing.

One of the most influential artists of her generation, Susan Hiller has been an innovator for close to five decades.

susan hiller automatic writing authors

Through Surrealist games, creative writing, automatic drawing and storytelling, participants will have the opportunity to reflect upon the exhibition themes such as the occult, transmissions and dream states, and how.

Susan Hiller. Aspects of the Self 12 Feb — 26 Mar at the Motinternational Gallery in Brussels, Belgium portraits produced in automatic photo booths in the 70s are displayed alongside greatly-enlarged versions combined with Hiller's automatic writing. In Bad Dreams (), red velvet curtains open to reveal Photomat portraits and.

Artwork page for ‘Belshazzar’s Feast, the Writing on Your Wall’, Susan Hiller, Hiller’s fascination with language, voices and writing is evident throughout her work. Her first experience of automatic writing occurred spontaneously while engaged in a group experiment called ‘Draw Together’ intended to explore the notion of telepathy and the transmission of ideas and images.

MOT International is delighted to present the first solo exhibition of Susan Hiller in Belgium. Acclaimed as one of the most influential artists of her generation, Hiller has developed over the past forty years a practice that continuously questions belief systems and the production of meaning.

Fieldworks: Dialogues between art and anthropology