The body shop scrutinized

The policeman was determined to find out if Ratjen was a woman or a man.

The body shop scrutinized

At an early June Social Investment conference in Toronto, Jon Entine discussed the results of his research on the firm. Given this concern and fears that a fairly negative upcoming magazine article may put some near-term price pressure on the stock, we are lowering our rating to a sell.


Then on August 19, Financial Times reporter Andrew Jack wrote about Franklin Continues on page 2 In the twelve years of publishing this newsletter, the Insight staff has never been as troubled or overtaken by an issue.

We can use this to grow stronger and better. We have learned that we must be more diligent in checking company claims. The fact was underscored that a stronger tradition if not requirement for honest disclosure on various social issues is needed.

Recently, the stock has recovered to pence. Two main questions emerge from this debate: However, since then, we The body shop scrutinized received information that challenges our initial assessment of the company.

A German newsletter noted that the Body Shop uses non-plant derived ingredients in its products.

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Journalists followed the gyration of the stock, probed into the background of Entine and speculated as to the contents of his forthcoming article for the U. The Body Shop has come to its own defense. As the issue has died down a bit in the mainstream media, the debate has intensified within the progressive investment and business community.

The issue is not necessarily just whether the Body Shop has a good or bad relative record of corporate responsibility.

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The Body Shop has clearly set for itself high standards. However, the company has also enjoyed positive tangible benefits from those publicly espoused standards while, apparently, failing to meet many of them.

Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, the company has compounded what otherwise might be isolated and curable difficulties by repeatedly failing to provide material information to back up its claims and by repeatedly taking a combative stance with its critics.

This defensive and almost secretive posture violates what we consider to be cornerstones of social responsibility: We believe we should hold even the most well-intentioned company accountable to this standard.

The body shop scrutinized

We hope that the following article fairly represents the record of the Body Shop in several key areas. For information about portfolio services, performance record, fee schedule, account size, and special consulting arrangements, write to: Any opinions expressed herein reflect our judgement to date and are subject to change.

We have no evidence of problems between the company and its British franchisees. However, there appear to be serious disputes between the Body Shop and some overseas franchisees.

We strive to avoid using inflammatory language or assuming the motives of others.Beauty products inspired by nature and ethically made.

The body shop scrutinized

Discover our unique collections online at The Body Shop Australia. INSIDE Body Shop Scrutinized Faces Allegations on Social Performance INVESTING FOR A BETTER WORLD Milt Moskowitz’s column returns This full issue devoted next month to Body Shop .

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