The victims of a power difference in looking for a rain god

As a consequence of a breach of promise, God decrees or performs the operation of damnation. Therefore we must understand how breaches of promise do correlate with blessings and curses, by biblical definition. There are damnable and non-damnable breaches, and thus there are damnable and non-damnable operations of curse, and we must understand these operations in their differing degrees. Many of my Calvinistic brethren may be able to see the argument I have heretofore laid forth, being able to acknowledge the truth of it and yet abhor the reasoning of it.

The victims of a power difference in looking for a rain god

In recent years this scenario has become the rule, not the exception. Excessive atmospheric particulates cause profound disruptions to precipitation. All too often in recent years, rain that should have fallen in the US West has consistently been blocked by two primary means, atmospheric aerosol saturation and the "ridiculously resilient ridge" of constant high pressure that has been consistently maintained over the US West.

This scenario has been used to keep the Eastern US cooled down at the cost of catastrophic drought and heat in the West. Engineered snow storms are an ongoing reality and the Eastern US has been an epicenter of such weather assaults.

The Chinese government openly admitted to engineering snowstorms until they did a billion dollars worth of damage to Beijing. This GISS global surface temperature map reflects "departure from average high temperatures" for a two year period from to This spraying creates too many cloud condensation nuclei CCN.

When the quantities of CCN's are too high, moisture droplets cannot combine and fall as rain, thus the moisture just continues to migrate. The images shown are the same, only different filters are used.

The public is generally not shown any photos with enhanced infrared imaging as the clearly visible spraying would likely create great concern with the population which the power structure is trying desperately to avoid.

Geoengineering is causing catastrophic drought and fire activity. How consistently and aggressively have the climate engineers suppressed desperately needed precipitation from the US West? The must see 1 minute video animation below clearly illustrates with shocking clarity the effects of the scenarios just described.

The drought monitor map below shows conditions that are already unprecedented and getting worse by the day.

The current drought in California is unprecedented in at least the last years The climate engineering crimes can only be carried out in plain site because of the total cooperation of the so called "experts" that the public relies on to tell them the truth. Weathermen are now little more than paid liars who read the scripts they are given by their paymasters in the power structure.

These "forecasters" are simply compensated to cover the tracks of the geoengineers. We are told that climate engineering is for the common good and the good of the planet, this could not be further from the truth.

Geoengineering is only making an already bad climate situation far worse overall, not better. Climate engineering is about power and control, period. Make your voice heard in the effort to reach a critical mass of public awareness regarding this most dire issue.Featuring the Church Fathers, Catholic Encyclopedia, Summa Theologica and more.

So many forecasts for rain in the US West no longer develop. In recent years this scenario has become the rule, not the exception.

The victims of a power difference in looking for a rain god

The stated purpose for "solar radiation management" (SRM) is to block the sun with light scattering particles and thus to create as much atmospheric haze or cloud cover. Aztec Sacrifice - The Meaning and Practice of Mexica Ritual Killings.

Search the The victims were chosen carefully according to their physical characteristics and how they related to the the rain god. The Aztecs believed that the tears of newborn or very young children could ensure rain. The most important place where sacrifices.

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More sinister offerings to appease the god and win his favour were sacrificial victims, including children, whose tears were seen as a favourable sign and linked to drops of rain from Tláloc himself.

The Jebusites were the first inhabitants of Jebus, known today as Jerusalem. The Jebusites were a Canaanite people, descended from Ham (see Sons Of Noah) through Canaan (Gen ).When Moses led the Israelites from the land of Egypt, God promised that He will give to them the Canaan land which included Jerusalem if they obeyed His voice and fight for it (Exodus ).

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