Wrong place wrong time

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Wrong place wrong time

Wrong place wrong time

Masters of Spinjitzuand is the 19th episode overall. Just then, the Falcon arrives on the Bounty and shows the Serpentine back in the City of Ouroborosapparently preparing for a final Wrong place wrong time.

The Ninja head to the city and arrive at night. Garmadon is surprised to see his son as a young man, and Lloyd explains that things have changed since they last met.

While Fang-Suei, Chokunand Mezmo battle the heroes with their power tools, Lord Garmadon flees to a nearby building.


This statement inspires him to create a time portal and step through it. The Ninja find the portal as sand begins to rise, which Zane identifies as the City of Ouroboros returning to the desertas if it had never been found in the first place.

The heroes realize that Garmadon is manipulating the past, preventing the Ninja from ever forming and training Lloyd—sure enough, the Green Ninja comments that he can no longer feel his hands.

The Ninja decide that they have to follow Garmadon into the past, with Master Wu warning them that "if he changes anything, he changes everything. At first, Kai wants to warn Past Kai and Nya about the Skulkinbut Zane explains that any changes to the past will affect the future dramatically.

After Past Master Wu leaves the shop, the four Ninja ambush him and explain their situation—realizing too late that they have inadvertently changed the past in the process. Despite this, Kai persists in asking Past Master Wu for his aid. Although confused by the events, Master Wu agrees to help.

Moments later, the Skulkin burst onto the scene, with Garmadon disguised as a Skulkin manning the Skull Truck. While the present Ninja watch, a group of Skulkin sneak behind them, but Jay defeats them with ease.

After Kai warns Past Master Wu about the impending events and his role in them, all goes as before until Samukai commands Kruncha to kidnap Nya. The Skulkin retreat, but not before a confused Nuckal sees the two Kais, although he ignores it. In the present, a wave of dark clouds looms over Ninjago Cityand a picture of Lloyd from a portrait disappears, indicating that he is no longer with the Ninja in the present.

As Zane explains to Jay and Cole, if Kai never becomes a Ninja, all of their actions in the future will be undone: At this last fact, Jay desperately tells Past Master Wu to recruit Past Kai no matter what—although Past Kai is reluctant, Nya encourages him to go, thinking that it could be a fun experience.

Consequently, Zane resolves that they must kidnap Nya and hand her over to the Skeleton Army to motivate Past Kai and set events back on track.

Meanwhile, as Jay, Cole, and Zane take Nya in a sack, the other three Past Ninja, wearing their black suits, spot the three present Ninja. However, Lord Garmadon has realized that his foes are interfering with his plans, prompting him to appear before his past self in the Underworld.

Although Past Garmadon is highly confused by the appearance of his future self especially the fact that he has four armsGarmadon quickly explains the circumstances and formulates a new plan with his past self.

Back at the forest, the present Ninja and Past Master Wu are watching the past Ninja sleeping around a campfire. Suddenly, Past Kai is attacked—not by his own shadowsbut by the present version of Lord Garmadon.

Cole and Zane join in, but even three present Ninja are unable to defeat Present Garmadon. As the dark warlord celebrates with his past self, Zane comes up with an idea: At this, Jay disagrees; he brought the other Golden Weapons for the present Ninja to use.

For a moment, they fear that Lloyd is no more, but Lloyd quickly rushes into the room, apologizing for being late. As the perplexed Lloyd uses a sword to carve a slice of watermelon into a dragon sculpture, Kai tells him not to worry about it—some things are best left in the past, so they can focus on preparing for the future.

Meanwhile, Master Wu is looking at what is presumably the remains of the Mega Weapon, a distant, bright star in the sky.‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’, a true crime book by David P.

Perlmutter, relates a first-person account of a litany of bad decisions made by the author immediately before and during a /5(). "Wrong Place, Wrong Time calls us back to the table to see our safety as intimately connected to the safety of the young men we dismiss with cliche even as they become the prime bogeyman of our conscience in urban America."/5(23).

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